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Theming your stylesheets with css variables


11/13/2018, 11:50:12 AM


What are CSS variables?
The CSS variables are more accurately known as CSS custom properties. You can define a value under a variable key and use it along your stylesheets wherever is in its scope. They can be very useful to avoid CSS repetition, with a better performance in run time for things like theme switching and very useful for extending or 'polyfilling' future CSS features.

How to activate Google's AMP and what they are

Lissa Doniro

9/12/2018, 11:45:33 PM


How to activate Google's AMP and what they are Do you know the Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP? This new format optimized for mobile devices has numerous advantages, one of them is the improvement of web positioning. Do you still think that you should not have it implemented on your website? Today I'm going to explain how to activate the AMP, configure these pages and everything that surrounds this Google project.

Tough Time Finding A Job? Consider Being A Delivery Drive

Michael Kordvani

8/20/2018, 11:33:45 PM


Tough Time Finding A Job? Consider Being A Delivery Driver There are times when it is very difficult to find a job. Depending on your level of education and experience, it can be downright impossible in certain parts of the country. That is why flexible jobs that help people find independent contract work are so important. It is why we have seen the rise of the so-called "Gig Economy".

Migrate a blog from Wordpress to Jekyll


9/22/2017, 11:38:28 PM


In this case the situation was the end of life of Openshift v2, the platform I used to host (for free) the WordPress blog. As I was not yet accepted in the program of Openshift v3 I decided to try an alternative. So I had access to a static hosting and I moved all the content from Wordpress to Jekyll. Jekyll is a static site generator and as I described in a previous post there is nothing bad with that if you use the correct tools.

Build and publish a Ionic App – Live update of Firebase backend with AngularJS


8/18/2017, 2:28:28 PM


We wanted to create a kind of live update of the Firebase backend while the users were using the app avoiding to put Save button actions in order to save. The idea is to keep the backend updated while the user is creating or updating any element, these are ToDo items and category elements, in our application. So we needed to implement a system with the help of the library Angularfire and the $watch AngularJs function to make it happen.