web dev notes

September 03, 202011:15

What is Elm ? Elm is a functional language that compiles to JavaScript. And that means it moves the functional programming paradigm into…

web dev notes

Web developer. Backend + Frontend. Learning about designing user interfaces, improvement of user experience and its implementation.

Joan Maria Talarn Espelta

One source of truth to run them all

April 06, 202013:10

This is an example of how different components implemented with different frontend frameworks or libraries can share the same Redux store. Different frameworks and libraries in same project The idea of the project is to implement the same component, a simple counter with two buttons, one to increase the value and other to decrease it. I decided to go with Webpack to build and bundle everything. Webpack has a large set of plugins and my thought was that there should be a loader in case I need it to load and build the resources. (I was right as I could check it)

How to activate Google's AMP and what they are

September 12, 201823:45

How to activate Google’s AMP and what they are Do you know the Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP? This new format optimized for mobile devices has numerous advantages, one of them is the improvement of web positioning. Do you still think that you should not have it implemented on your website? Today I’m going to explain how to activate the AMP, configure these pages and everything that surrounds this Google project.

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