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Running Node and React tests in the same project

July 24, 2019,12:50

What is Jest?Jest is a testing framework to run Javascript unit tests focused on the simplicity. It can work with Babel, Typescript and a wide set of frameworks like Angular, Vue, React as well as Node.js code.

August 20, 201823:33

Tough Time Finding A Job? Consider Being A Delivery DriverThere are times when it is very difficult to find a job. Depending on your level of education and experience, it can be downright impossible in certain parts of the country. That is why flexible jobs that help people find independent contract work are so important. It is why we have seen the rise of the so-called “Gig Economy”.

December 02, 201722:45

Though I am all in the JavaScript camp when it comes to app development and programming, I fully acknowledge that there are plenty of other app development programmers who are not JavaScript fans.