I was fired.

I left a job that I have been for 5 years to a new career opportunity that offered me go ahead in my career as web developer. It had everything you looked for when you imagined an ideal job. Freedom for choosing technologies to develop with, once per week telecommute, no dress code …

everything was like an startup environment even there was a table for playing table tennis.

We implemented from scratch continuous integration systems, we used the newest technologies and frameworks, apps based with the MEAN stack, microservices ...
Everything was good except the continuity of projects. A lot of them had gone and a few of them arrived, so ... no income in the company was a fatal situation and they decided to reduce costs firing some of the workers.

And I was one of them.

After some research trying to get an opportunity in my current living zone I realised the evidence that there is not a well payed market without leaving and moving far from home. Another option is a remote position, but if the applicants can be from around the world competing with all with price or quality is a hard issue to solve.

Also I searched and investigated about more ways to earn more money from the Internet, sure you searched about it some day ... I was searching for a way to earn more money without the need to relocate my family or having to commute for more than one hour, driving for more than 100 kms every day.

But, you know what? All the "magic" ways, of getting passive incomes from the Internet are based with hard work and specially with consistency...

Then I thought... wait! Why you should work hard with anything you even know if you like it! You can use all this energy and do what you really want, and I really know that I like being a developer.
Then I reconsidered my situation, and reserved my energy to looking for ways to improve my career and finally I decided, to concentrate my efforts in my web developer career. I should be "better" than the average of the applicants if I really want a job that I like and love to do.

And trying to find solutions I found this guy: John Sonmez from http://simpleprogrammer.com offering the opportunity to boost your career.

He is just giving the solution I was looking for.

And why not, I signed up to his course http://devcareerboost.com/blog-course/ and I'm now a certified 'Simple Programmer' blogging course graduate

Boosting your career as developer

Maybe my next step will be buy, read and use his book about soft skills