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Migrate a blog from Wordpress to Jekyll

In this case the situation was the end of life of Openshift v2, the platform I used to host (for free) the WordPress blog. As I was not yet accepted in the program of Openshift v3 I decided to try an alternative. So I had access to a static hosting and I moved all the content from Wordpress to Jekyll. Jekyll is a static site generator and as I described in a previous post there is nothing bad with that if you use the correct tools.


20 free plugins to power-up your Wordpress blog

Wordpress is system with a rich ecosystem of plugins. There is a plugin for anything you can imagine, some of them have a cost but most of them are free. Here is my personal list of plugins I used in the last blogs I've built with Wordpress. All of them are FREE and some of theme have a paid version but are fully functional in the free version.


Migrating from Ghost to WordPress over Openshift

Until now, I was blogging using Ghost platform over Openshift. I love the way you develop new features over the Ghost platform: Handlebars for the templating, an easy API to get information about the blog and their posts... and you are using the Node.js on the backend so you're feeling a little bit hipster while you're using it.


Upgrade Ghost blog to 0.11.0 on Openshift platform

I installed Ghost as my blogging platform some time ago and I have been updating it for each Ghost update. All this is running and hosted by the RedHat OpenShift platform.


Boosting your career as developer

I was fired. I left a job that I have been for 5 years to a new career opportunity that offered me go ahead in my career as web developer. It had everything you looked for when you imagined an ideal job. Freedom for choosing technologies to develop with, once per week telecommute, no dress code ... everything was like an startup environment even there was a table for playing table tennis.


Express app and a Ghost blog together

If you know anything about Ghost development surely you know Ghost is based with the Express framework over the Node.js server. Well, maybe someday you want to add an extra superpower to your blog taking advantage of your javascript development skills over Node.js. You can put it all together and play with all this stuff.