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Boosting your career as developer

July 02, 201618:42

I was fired. I left a job that I have been for 5 years to a new career opportunity that offered me go ahead in my career as web developer. It had everything you looked for when you imagined an ideal job. Freedom for choosing technologies to develop with, once per week telecommute, no dress code … everything was like an startup environment even there was a table for playing table tennis.

Compiling Sass with Maven or Gulp

October 21, 201514:28

Sass compiling from Maven You can compile your sass css source files from your java projects build with maven with the sass-maven-plugin. You can find the source code at GitHub https://github.com/Jasig/sass-maven-plugin, and find it on the Maven Central Repository. You should configure your maven pom file to properly use the plugin as needed.

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