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Running Node and React tests in the same project

July 24, 2019,12:50

What is Jest?Jest is a testing framework to run Javascript unit tests focused on the simplicity. It can work with Babel, Typescript and a wide set of frameworks like Angular, Vue, React as well as Node.js code.

September 23, 201621:39

What is an AMP page?An AMP page is a page built specifically to render fast as static content with the resulting save of time and bytes to the final client. To achieve the goal these page are using the three following techniques:

September 15, 201615:51
September 07, 201619:14

When we talk about a web services we are referring to a software installed on a server with the function to provide a communication and interaction with other machines, acting as clients, using the posibilities that a web server can provide to communicate basically through the HTTP protocol.

September 01, 201600:03

When we talk about web server we are referring indistinctly to the software providing web content and the machine is running it. Generally a web server is a software providing web content to the clients connected to them, usually web browsers. This software is running listening on a port and when a client makes a request over the http protocol to a determined resource, usually via the get method, it is sent to the client as response.