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IntelliJ Idea vs Eclipse keyboard shortcuts

Here there is the keyboard shortcuts table where you can find the equivalent combination between the two IDEs most used in Java development.


Boosting your career as developer

I was fired. I left a job that I have been for 5 years to a new career opportunity that offered me go ahead in my career as web developer. It had everything you looked for when you imagined an ideal job. Freedom for choosing technologies to develop with, once per week telecommute, no dress code ... everything was like an startup environment even there was a table for playing table tennis.


Express app and a Ghost blog together

If you know anything about Ghost development surely you know Ghost is based with the Express framework over the Node.js server. Well, maybe someday you want to add an extra superpower to your blog taking advantage of your javascript development skills over Node.js. You can put it all together and play with all this stuff.