Here there is the keyboard shortcuts table where you can find the equivalent combination between the two IDEs most used in Java development.


Eclipse IntelliJ IDEA Description
F4 Ctrl + h show the type hierarchy
Ctrl + Alt + g Ctrl + Alt + F7 find usages
Ctrl + Shift + u Ctrl + F7 finds the usages in the same file
Alt + Shift + r Shift + F6 rename
Ctrl + Shift + r Ctrl + Shift + N find file / open resource
Ctrl + Shift + x, j Ctrl + Shift + F10 run (java program)
Ctrl + Shift + o Ctrl + Alt + o organize imports
Ctrl + o Ctrl + F12 show current file structure / outline
Ctrl + Shift + m Ctrl + Alt + V create local variable refactoring
syso Ctrl + space sout Ctrl + j System.out.println(" ")
Alt + up/down Ctrl + Shift + up/down move lines
Ctrl + d Ctrl + y delete current line
Unknown Alt + h show subversion history
Ctrl + h Ctrl + Shift + f find in path
Unknown Ctrl + Shift + r replace in path
Set in Preferences Ctrl + Shift + enter add the semi-colon at the end of a statement
Ctrl + 1 or Ctrl + Shift + l Ctrl + Alt + v introduce local variable
Alt + Shift + s Alt + insert generate getters / setters
Ctrl + Shift + f Ctrl + Alt + l format code
Ctrl + y Ctrl + Shift + z redo
Ctrl + Shift + c Ctrl + / comment out lines
Ctrl + Alt + h Ctrl + Alt + h show call hierarchy
Unknown Ctrl + Alt + F7 to jump to one of the callers of a method
F3 Ctrl + b go to declaration
Ctrl + l Ctrl + g go to line


Another interesting equivalent shortcuts while debugging

Eclipse IntelliJ IDEA Description
F6 F8 Step over
F5 F7 Step into
F7 Shift + F8 Step out
F8 F9 Resume program
Ctrl + Shift + i Alt + F8 evaluate expression while debugging

IntelliJ Idea multiline selection keyboard shortcuts

These are keyboard shortcuts for IntelliJ Idea so useful for me, once you are used to it. This are for the multiline selection to edit multiple lines at once, like you can do in "modern" editors like Atom editor or Sublime Text

Set new cursor manually Alt + Shift + Mouse Click
Select the next occurrence Alt + J
Unselect the last occurrence selected Shift + Alt + J
Select all occurrences Shift + Ctrl + Alt + J
Remove all selections Esc

Combining the next occurrence and the manual cursor set you can jump the occurrences don't want to select.

IntelliJ Idea universal command and options search

Ctrl + Shift + a will be your master key to open all the doors.

It will find any command available or any option in the IDE. It's useful when you have the same keyboard shortcut defined in the system, like Ctrl + Alt + F1-7 in Linux Os, and you don't reconfigured to avoid the collision.

IntelliJ IDEA complete keyboard shortcut

Here is a complete guide of the keyboard shortcuts available from IntelliJ Idea, coming directly from the JetBrains team. But if you are used to the shortcuts from Eclipse the above of equivalents table will be welcome.

IntelliJ IDEA Refence Card