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Migrate a blog from Wordpress to Jekyll

September 22, 201723:38

In this case the situation was the end of life of Openshift v2, the platform I used to host (for free) the WordPress blog. As I was not yet accepted in the program of Openshift v3 I decided to try an alternative. So I had access to a static hosting and I moved all the content from Wordpress to Jekyll. Jekyll is a static site generator and as I described in a previous post there is nothing bad with that if you use the correct tools.

Migrating from Ghost to WordPress over Openshift

April 15, 201700:51

Until now, I was blogging using Ghost platform over Openshift. I love the way you develop new features over the Ghost platform: Handlebars for the templating, an easy API to get information about the blog and their posts… and you are using the Node.js on the backend so you’re feeling a little bit hipster while you’re using it.