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Build and publish a Ionic App – Live update of Firebase backend with AngularJS

August 18, 201714:28

We wanted to create a kind of live update of the Firebase backend while the users were using the app avoiding to put Save button actions in order to save. The idea is to keep the backend updated while the user is creating or updating any element, these are ToDo items and category elements, in our application. So we needed to implement a system with the help of the library Angularfire and the $watch AngularJs function to make it happen.

Build and publish a Ionic App – Cordova plugins

August 11, 201718:49

Ionic provide you a framework to quickly implement with your web development skills a nice native application. Although, not everything is provided in the framework and if you want to get native features working with your application you will need to add some Cordova plugins to your project.

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