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Migrate a blog from Wordpress to Jekyll

September 22, 201723:38

In this case the situation was the end of life of Openshift v2, the platform I used to host (for free) the WordPress blog. As I was not yet accepted in the program of Openshift v3 I decided to try an alternative. So I had access to a static hosting and I moved all the content from Wordpress to Jekyll. Jekyll is a static site generator and as I described in a previous post there is nothing bad with that if you use the correct tools.

The undervalued static web sites

July 25, 201615:38

When you are going to build a new web site, most of times you go through it thinking about the technology you’ll use to build it. Maybe you want to be on the cutting edge and you’ll use the latest or rarest content management system like Ghost or maybe you’ll use a wide extended system and full of available plugins (I’ve a mention about these later) like Wordpress.