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Running Node and React tests in the same project

July 24, 201912:50

What is Jest? Jest is a testing framework to run Javascript unit tests focused on the simplicity. It can work with Babel, Typescript and a wide set of frameworks like Angular, Vue, React as well as Node.js code.

Testing Javascript with Jasmine

October 21, 201623:56

Jasmine http://jasmine.github.io/

random data generator for tests

August 12, 201601:25

Many times your imagination is over when you are testing some data introduction and your form inputs are finally filled with boring and repetitive text that doesn’t help you. aaaaaaaaaaaa asdasdasd 12345 qweqweqw AAAAAAAAA ASDASDASD cfjsdkl fldcfamj lfah caom h Instead of using non-sense words or useless terms you can use some of the following generators to get data and text in order to fill your forms. This will help you to have a results in your tests more close to the final data that could be filled in your applications.

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